La Bastille

24.25" x 12.5" x 10.5"

The visitors have arrived on Bastille Day and the locals are holding a very realistic re-enactment of the most famous day in French History, July 14th, which was the French Revolution.

Of course when the real Bastille was stormed there were only approx. 7 prisoners left…

The woman is named Lillian and the man is Teddy.

The proclamation on the building is a copy of the real deal; if you got that delivered to your home you were off to La Bastille!


bastille01 bastille02 bastille03 bastille04 bastille05 bastille06 bastille07 bastille08 bastille09 bastille10 bastille11 bastille12 bastille13 bastille14 bastille15 bastille16 bastille17 bastille18 bastille19
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