14" x 8.25" x 13"

This delightful little French shop was built in a class at Shellie's Miniature Mania a number of years ago.

Note the sign on the exterior of the building listing the different types of delectable treats offered (le pain de chien is for Suze's dog Mick); every day he gets a loaf of french bread from the local bread companies…

The names on the coffee cups are for Suze's sisters in law.


boulan01 boulan02 boulan03 boulan04 boulan05 boulan06 boulan07 boulan08 boulan09 boulan10 boulan11 boulan12 boulan13 boulan14 boulan15 boulan16 boulan17 boulan18 boulan19 boulan20 boulan21 boulan22 boulan23 boulan24
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