The Blue House

Frida Kahlo

This is the third piece in Suze's "Artistes" series.

The idea for this particular piece began in Austin, TX in 2009. While walking through a series of shops, Suze came across a Mexican store which catered to Frida Kahlo. When she arrived home she started reading about her, viewed movies about her and found her quite fascinating. She then realized that she needed to recreate a small portion of her life in "The Blue House". The Blue House is located in Coyoacan, a former suburb of Mexico City. Note the painting of Stalin on the easel.

Frida Kahlo started out life planning to become a doctor until she became a victim of a tragic bus accident when she was 15. Throughout the rest of her life she endured over 30 operations, and lifelong pain. She became an artist, a political activist, a communist, and was married to muralist Diego Rivera. Frida passed away at the young age of 47 due to health complications.

While Suze was an art history student in the early 1970s, Frida Kahlo was unknown. It wasn't until the 1980s that she became a cult icon with movies, books, jewelry, socks etc..

To learn more about Frida Kahlo you can read up on her in the book entitled KAHLO by Andrea Kettenmann.


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