Stan Beckman

May 8, 1931-present

30"W x 12.75"H x 12"D

This is the fourth piece in Suze's "Artistes" series. It is a "take off" on Stan Beckmans' art booth at the Sausalito Art Festival (ranked the #1 art festival in the country) over the Labor Day Weekend.

Suze first met Stan, a graduate of the Philadelphia Museum School of Art, 25 years ago at the Festival when her children were in strollers (geez, has it been that long !!!). She instantly fell in love with his work, and his representations of France, Italy and other European countries. Throughout the years she has collected his lithographs, and has a "gallery" of his work throughout her house. He is a major inspiration for her art work.

The idea to make this piece came while Suze was recovering from shoulder surgery. She created this piece one handed, and could only work for limited amounts of time. Merci to Stan's assistant Mike for printing the many "mini" giclee prints seen in this piece.

"L'Artiste" is on permanent display at Stan Beckman's home in Sherman Oaks, California.


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