Wine Shop

37.5" x 23.75" x 14.75"

The "Commerce des Vins" is located on Rue St. Jacques. Jacques, the owner, is a dapper wine merchant named after Suze's father, who loved shopping for wine.

On the first floor above the wine shop is the "Leduc Detective Agency", based on the Cara Black murder mystery series set in Paris. These characters are Aimee Leduc, a young private detective, and her business partner, Rene Friant, a handsome man with green eyes and a goatee who is always impeccably dressed.

The wire lift positioned on the right of the room has stopped on the second floor, letting Aimee and her petit bichon frise puppy, Miles Davis, out to consult with Rene. The contents of their office were inspired by descriptions in the novels and include Egyptian paintings, an espresso maker, Evian water and Orangina. According to the books, most of their detective work relates to computer software fraud (note the number of computers in the office). You will see on Aimee's desk her torch, magnifying glass and Glock 9mm gun, alongside her red Chanel lipstick.

In Cara Black's novels Aimee's flat is in a 17th century building located on the Ile Ste. Louis, but for this project Suze has put Aimee's apartment on the third floor. Note the Chanel dress hanging on the bathroom screen. The novels have this as the only dress she wore, to all special occasions.

Suze made the plants and topiaries in the window boxes, the bedding on Aimee's bed, and the clock in the kitchen. The rest of the items she discovered on the internet through some rigorous sleuthing of her own.


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